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Universal koptilno - cooking heat chambers of DUCOMASTER

Universal koptilno - cooking heat chambers of DUCOMASTER
  • Universal koptilno - cooking heat chambers of DUCOMASTER
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine



Are intended for smoking, drying and thermal treatment of meat products, products from fish and other foodstuff according to the set technologies entered into memory of a control system. The DUCOMASTER installations with the highest efficiency carry out such technological processes as: roasting, drying, also cold smoking, smoking on the set humidity, and also cooking of a product is hotter. High efficiency with the minimum losses of weight and ensuring high stable quality of a product is the main characteristic of heat chambers of DUCOMASTER.



Efficiency and reliability of heat chambers of DUCOMASTER


At production of heat chambers we use only the first-class European materials and accessories from the German supplier. The design of heat chambers (all-welded or modular) made completely of stainless steel provides the high durability and tightness. Excellent thermal insulation of walls and a door allows to reach the maximum economy of energy resources in use of the DUCOMASTER installations. Stability of operation of executive mechanisms of cameras is result of use of pneumatic actuators. The progressive system of air circulation with use highly productive a krylchatok provides uniform smoking and a tsvetoobrazovaniye of a product on all volume of a heat chamber. Installation of an automatic wash of the camera is included in the standard package. Loading of a product can is made both on standard floor euroframes, and on suspended.




  • electric
  • gas
  • steam
  • gas-electric
  • steam-electric


Taking into account constantly changing priorities in use of energy carriers you can always modify with our help the heat chamber for use of other type of heating. Modifications can be made for introduction of improvements which our company constantly develops also.


Range of a task of temperatures in DUCOMASTER heat chamber:


  • serial - to the 200th a hail. With;
  • by the special order - to the 250th a hail. Page.


Program control - a stable indicator of quality of production



The control system of the koptilny DUCOMASTER cameras is a constant and complete control of parameters of technological process with information output on the display, and also on the personal computer of the technologist. 40 programs on 30 technological steps everyone and management of technological processes on temperature in the center of a product allow to create the optimum modes of heat treatment in combination with uniform circulation of an airstream in the camera providing uniform processing of a product. The parameters set in the course of programming the following:


  • name of process;
  • process duration;
  • temperature in the camera;
  • temperature in a product;
  • ∆ t of control of dynamics of the mode of thermal treatment.


The divergence of values of temperature in a product at the end of process makes 1 grad.s.


Independent programming of a control system of cameras of koptilny DUCOMASTER does not cause difficulties and does not demand special special skills or knowledge.
Control of humidity is exercised by the sensors installed in the DUCOMASTER camera.
The control system also provides the mode of an automatic sink.


Universal koptilny heat chambers of DUCOMASTER are completed at choice with three types of smoke generators: shchepovy turbo, shchepovy eco and frictional. Main differences:



Shchepova turbo smoke generator:


  • maximum concentration and intensity of smoke
  • reduction of time of smoking
  • golden color and appetizing aroma of production



Shchepova eco smoke generator:


  • maximum concentration and intensity of smoke
  • unpretentiousness to the sizes of fractions and a type of the used sawdust (an exception - resinous breeds of a tree, opilochny dust)
  • reduction of time of smoking
  • golden color and appetizing aroma of production


Frictional smoke generator - the low temperature of smoking. The generated smoke - fine also has temperature on 3 grad.s higher than the ambient temperature. As temperature of the smoke received thus is much lower than temperature of smoke at decay - ideal conditions for cold smoking are created. Concentration of smoke is lower, than in shchepovy types.


Individual approach to each client does possible placement and installation of the DUCOMASTER installations taking into account conditions and features of planning of the enterprise. The production model includes installation of an automatic wash of the camera. Loading is made on standard floor or suspended frames.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.05.2019
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