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The conveyor for a boning of meat and high-quality cutting

The conveyor for a boning of meat and high-quality cutting
  • The conveyor for a boning of meat and high-quality cutting
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


The conveyor is intended for transportation of meat raw materials to personnel jobs for the subsequent separation of meat from a bone and high-quality cutting.

Advantage of its use, not only on large, but also at medium-sized enterprises, is the maximum optimization of production, increase in productivity of personnel, the strict accounting of the entering raw materials on a bone and high-quality after cutting.

On a conveyor framework from lateral faces tables with removable table-tops which are personnel jobs are fixed. Removable table-tops are made of polyamide. The conveyor tape moves on the supporting napravlyushchy. The drive of a tape is carried out with the help the motor reducer and a driving drum. Speed of the main conveyor tape is regulated, proceeding from personnel productivity. 

Over the main conveyor tape the tape for transportation of bones, a skin and veins is established. This waste of cutting comes to the special bunker under which there is a plastic assembly capacity of recycling. For convenience of sanitary processing the device for cleaning of a tape is provided in the supporting design. The quantity of jobs and dimensions of the conveyor are established according to the Customer's wishes.

Principle of work:
Meat on a bone in hover arrives to a reception conveyor table for rough cutting on large pieces. It is expedient to undress KRS half carcasses on two parts in hover. Further by means of a tape saw on a reception table there is a sawing up on scapular, and femoral speak rapidly average. By means of the conveyor large parts of half carcasses are transported to jobs of boners for separation of meat from a bone. 

At the same time large pieces of meat can go or for further processing, or develop in boxes (E2 type) already directly for further use in production or for sale as fresh meat. The bone, a skin and other waste of a boning are taken away by means of the additional conveyor which is above the main line, and too can be subject to the account or control on quality of processing.

Large pieces of the meat separated from a bone on the conveyer belt arrive to the following jobs for high-quality cutting and a dozhilovka. As a rule beef is sorted by personnel in four boxes of E2, and pork in six which are in strictly certain places near a working finishing table. In process of their filling, boxes arrive to the place of the account and registration, and on their place empty arrive. On the panel of the account division between meat for processing and big pieces for delicious group which can directly arrive on the site of a salting and massaging is carried out. Meat for processing comes in a consequence to the machine hall for crushing on tops and kutter. Meat for warehousing or sale is also registered and distributed in the places of warehousing.

System of the automated accounting of cutting and distribution of raw materials.
The system is intended for the centralized expeditious collection of information and its reduction in a look, convenient for the analysis. For ensuring work of system it is necessary to connect scales in three technological points to it:

  1. Weighing of the entering raw materials, and also input of the technological program by the form (KRS, pork, etc.).
  2. Weighing of bones or in general production withdrawal.
  3. Weighing of meat after cutting, input of a grade and number of a table of cutting.

The system of the automated account completely controls productivity of the conveyor line of development of meat in time concerning each workplace and provides formation of reports for change, week, month.

At additional equipment of the control system necessary devices, it can perform the following functions:

  • diagnostics operation of the equipment;
  • control of a consumption of water and electric power;
  • control of access for personnel to the production shop.

Information levels of system function in parallel and independently, than her "survivability" is provided and loss of data at possible refusals is excluded. The operator can observe technological process on the personal computer in a look, convenient for the analysis and perception.

Technical characteristic

Length of min, mm 6500
Length of max, mm
where n – quantity of jobs
6500+3400 x n
Width of the conveyor, mm 984
Dimensions of a desktop, mm 1350х650
Tape (caterpillar plastic)
Width of a tape, mm

Speed of transportation, m/min 2-12
Power, kW

Tension, In 380
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.05.2019
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