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Racks gravitational for storage and distribution of production

Racks gravitational for storage and distribution of production
  • Racks gravitational for storage and distribution of production
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Key process of any finished goods warehouse is process of a complete set of orders. Usually at the enterprises the finished goods warehouse is considered as the place of storage. But the role it consists not so much in storage how many in effective distribution, providing also damping (smoothing) of discrepancies on a joint between rate of receipt of production on the one hand, and deliveries to the buyer - with another.
High-quality realization of these processes at the enterprise with the big product range is possible only when using of the automated warehouse systems of the DUCO-TECHNIC company and observance of the conventional "seven rules of logistics":

  1. Product - the necessary product.
  2. Quality - necessary quality.
  3. Quantity - in necessary quantity.
  4. Time - it has to be delivered in due time.
  5. The place - in the right place.
  6. Expenses - with the minimum expenses.
  7. The consumer - to the necessary consumer.

That is the necessary goods of necessary quality in necessary quantity are delivered to a certain consumer in due time in the right place with the minimum expenses.

The warehouse automated systems in which structure gravitational complexes of production of the DUCO-TECHNIC company come into force of the technology exclude stagnation of production, arising when stacking boxes in warehouses in the usual way. It is, as a rule, more difficult to loaders to reach the lower box in a stack that leads finally to delay of terms of product sales.

Use of conveyor systems for delivery of production in boxes from the acceptance panel on a warehouse, a supply of pure boxes and withdrawal of the fulfilled container on a sink allows to minimize influence of a human factor on organized work of a warehouse. The created order is also delivered by the conveyor to the place of shipment. Considerably work by use of the robot for loading of a gravitational warehouse which submits to the control system keeping account of the arriving production and providing structure of the order for the operator console in a formirovka zone becomes simpler. So competently organized system can reduce the number of personnel by 5 times.

Schematic diagram

Zone of distribution of production. Distribution of a container to destination.

Direction of the movement of production

Architecture of system

Function chart

Thus creation of the automated finished goods warehouse is directed on:

  • ensuring rhythm of collaboration, organization and different interaction of production divisions;
  • accumulation of finished goods and the organization of its distribution according to the actual receipt of orders from clients;
  • providing during storage time, search and delivery of safety of quality of finished goods;
  • rational use of the areas;
  • decrease in need for personnel, release it from performance of large volume of loading and unloading works.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.05.2019
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