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Group: Food processsing industry equipment
Defrostatsionny DEFROST cameras
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  For the bystry, economic and operated defrosting of the frozen food raw materials and products (fish, meat, a bird) high profitability reduction of losses – improvement of quality of process of defrosting high extent of automation – process acceleration The defrostatsionny Defrost...
Group: Equipment for defrosting, defroster
Racks gravitational for storage and distribution of production
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LOGISTIC WAREHOUSE SYSTEMS AND GRAVITATIONAL WAREHOUSES Key process of any finished goods warehouse is process of a complete set of orders. Usually at the enterprises the finished goods warehouse is considered as the place of storage. But the role it consists not so much in storage how many in...
Group: Shelvings gravitational
The conveyor for a boning of meat and high-quality cutting
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AUTOMATIC CONVEYOR TRANSFER LINES FOR THE BONING The conveyor is intended for transportation of meat raw materials to personnel jobs for the subsequent separation of meat from a bone and high-quality cutting. Advantage of its use, not only on large, but also at medium-sized enterprises, is the...
Group: Meat processing equipment
Equipment for a vyalka of fish of Dryjet-Ec
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EQUIPMENT FOR CONTROLLED VYALKA OF FISH OF DRYJET-ECO The DUCO-TECHNIC company offers innovative Dryjet-Eco technology for the fish processing industry which includes constant and complete control of process of a vyalka of fish, autonomy from any weather conditions, and also maximum efficiency of...
Group: Equipment for smoked and dried fish
Cameras of intensive cooling of KIO for smoke-cured products and boiled sausages
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CAMERAS OF INTENSIVE COOLING In the KIO cameras the most bystry passing of a critical zone of temperatures which promote development of microbes is provided and by that development of microorganisms is prevented that leads to significant increase in a period of storage of a product. CAMERAS OF...
Group: Refrigerating chambers
Universal koptilno - cooking heat chambers of DUCOMASTER
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DUCOMASTER KOPTILNO-VAROCHNYE HEAT CHAMBERS     Are intended for smoking, drying and thermal treatment of meat products, products from fish and other foodstuff according to the set technologies entered into memory of a control system. The DUCOMASTER installations with the highest...
Group: Smoking equipment
Installation climatic KLIMATRONIK installation
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Equipment for production of raw smoked and dry-cured sausages of the highest quality Climatic cameras for maturing and smoking of KLIMATRONIK the KLK type (from 4 to 30 frames) are used at the first production phase in the conditions of the most rigid ensuring climatic parameters, and...
Group: Cameras of fermentation
Meat grinder MG-130 top
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TOP (MEAT GRINDER) OF MG-130 The top of MG-130 is intended for crushing of boneless meat and meat products by production of forcemeats for sausage and other meat products with the temperature from-4 ºС in the thickness and above. The engine 2-speed with the speed of 725/1445 rpm. The reducer...
Group: Meat mincer
The copper cooking NOVATERM is intended for cooking of meat products
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COPPER COOKING NOVATERM The copper cooking NOVATERM is intended for cooking of sausages, meat products, an offal, gammons, a liver, meat and bone broths. Execution The made completely of stainless steel, cooking copper of NOVATERM meets all sanitary standards of application at the enterprises of...
Group: Boilers food melting
Installation thermoshrinkable TERMOPAK
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THERMOSHRINKABLE TERMOPAK INSTALLATION The thermoshrinkable TERMOPAK installation is intended for the finishing operation of processing of packing of food products in the automatic mode in the environment of the warmed-up water. Installation can be used as as a part of a complex (line), and the...
Group: The equipment for packing in thermocontractable tape
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ЛЕНТОЧНЫЕ ПРЕССЫ       Ленточный пресс универсален в применении для разделения жидкой и твердой фракции. Сферы использования его охватывают широкий спектр применения как в пищевой промышленности, так и в других отраслях производства: Переработка фруктов и овощей для производства соков...
Group: Machines for production of beverage
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Any standard sizes
Group: Spare parts for food processing equipment
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Any standard sizes
Group: Spare parts for food processing equipment
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BLOKOREZKA KNIFEBLOCK   BLOKOREZKA KNIFEBLOCK is intended for crushing of the frozen blocks of meat, appointed, nezhilovanny and partially defrostirovanny (max the size 400 x 600 x 300 mm) in the automatic mode. BLOKOREZKA KNIFEBLOCK is made completely of stainless steel. Steel knives on...
Group: Block cuttings


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