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Equipment for a vyalka of fish of Dryjet-Ec

Equipment for a vyalka of fish of Dryjet-Ec
  • Equipment for a vyalka of fish of Dryjet-Ec
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The DUCO-TECHNIC company offers innovative Dryjet-Eco technology for the fish processing industry which includes constant and complete control of process of a vyalka of fish, autonomy from any weather conditions, and also maximum efficiency of costs of energy of preparation of a ready-made product.

The equipment for a vyalka of fish of Dryjet-Eco, production of the DUCO-TECHNIC company, consists of the following components, namely:

  • the climatic unit of preparation of air in which there is a drainage of an air stream and heating in the energy saving mode;
  • systems of the forcing and soaking up channels for joining of the climatic unit and the drying camera for the purpose of air exchange and uniform distribution of the prepared air;
  • the integrated blocks of circulating ventilation and heating, for providing a uniform and optimum obduv of a product;
  • knots of control of temperature and humidity;
  • control systems of MR-1000 which allows to program parameters of process of drying in 40 programs on 30 steps everyone and to control execution of the process of a vyalka tightly;
  • and also the refrigerating unit for condensation of moisture, cooling and heating of air in the energy saving mode.

The Dryjet-Eco technology has no analogs - it is the unique own development of the DUCO-TECHNIC company which proved the superiority in practice!

When using installations for a vyalka of fish of Dryjet-Eco in the course of drying of fish there is the most effective movement of moisture from inside layers of a product to external (diffusion) without formation of the external overdried crust interfering evaporation of moisture from a product surface. It is caused by exact deduction of technological parameters, such as temperature and humidity, in the course of implementation of the program, and also adjustment of speed of an air stream in the drying camera. In the drying Dryjet-Eco installations drying process absolutely controllable!

The intellectual control system of MR-1000 developed by specialists of the DUCO-TECHNIC company will allow you not only reliably and with high precision to operate drying process, but also will provide information in real time on the main processes happening in the Dryjet-Eco camera to an interval to 5 seconds. All information arrives on the personal computer of the technologist in a format of the protocol of technological process that allows to carry out the detailed analysis and to work on mistakes.

The unique recommendatory option of a control system MR-1000 allows the technologist to avoid mistakes at a task of the technological program in ratios of temperature and humidity what reports the warning signal about. The system blocks a task of wrong parameters and suggests to choose correct that it allows to exclude formation of condensate on a product and, as a result, an undesirable mold.

The intellectual control system of MR-1000 samodiagnostirutsya constantly that excludes its misoperation because of possible malfunctions. It significantly increases the potential of reliability of the drying Dryjet-Eco cameras.

The Dryjet-Eco installations allow to protect technological process of drying from an adverse effect of the environment, such as the increased humidity or the high temperature promoting destabilization of microbiology of a product. The product quickly enough gives untied water that significantly increases its tastes and organoleptic indicators.
The Dryjet-Eco system is very economical thanks to "fulfilled", that is hot freon for heating of air or compensation of temperature drop in the camera when drying. It allows to avoid excess expenses of the electric power that considerably increases efficiency of installation and reduces prime cost of finished goods.

But the main thing when using Dryjet-Eco technology is a stable high quality of your production at the minimum terms of its production!
Even at such dense hinge plate of a sea bull-calf process of a vyalka happens without stagnant zones, to the maximum airing.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.05.2019
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