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Defrostatsionny DEFROST cameras

Defrostatsionny DEFROST cameras
  • Defrostatsionny DEFROST cameras
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


For the bystry, economic and operated defrosting of the frozen food raw materials and products (fish, meat, a bird)

  • high profitability
  • reduction of losses – improvement of quality of process of defrosting
  • high extent of automation – process acceleration

The defrostatsionny Defrost cameras equipped with logical management using the line movement of air and the thermal equipment allow to defreeze the packed meat, fish and other food in optimum and high-economy mode. Only this method allows to avoid losses in the weight of the defrozen product.

High quality – the defrostatsionny Defrost cameras provide bystry and uniform process.
Process of defrosting is made by means of the compact block of units providing uniform motion of streams of the air prepared by the thermal equipment. The Defrost cameras are designed in such a way that the block of units and adjustable overlapping form the wind tunnel.
Process of defrosting is constantly controlled by temperature sensors in a body, on a product surface, and also in the camera. Process of defrosting comes to the end automatically, on achievement of the set temperature in a body. Owing to what surface temperature never exceeds admissible size that positively affects microbiological stability of a product.
Cameras are executed from the panels approved for application in the food industry a sandwich. Sanitary processing of cameras and separate elements is very simple.

The logical control system controls temperature on a surface of a product and in a body, and also the internal temperature of the camera therefore processes of defrosting and can be carried out without loss a product of moisture and weight. It also allows to carry out bystry defrosting with a small expense of heat. Depending on a product and dimensions of the camera defrosting time from - 15ºС to - 1ºС fluctuates from 6 to 12 hours.
The individual decision – a possibility of use of the existing rooms
The Defrost cameras can be delivered as well in components, at the same time the block of units with overlapping and a control system are delivered without actually camera. Thus, it is possible to use the available areas. Installation of equipment and commissioning are made simply and quickly.

Power supply    400B
Electricity consumption when defrosting 3 - 3,5 kWh on 1 frame

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.05.2019
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